Next October 21st will take place in Addis Ababa (Ethiopia) the inauguration of the Maternal and Infant Hospital University built and equipmented by Matres Mundi. This Center – that also will has the International School of Perinatal Medicine in Africa– will be the first maternal and infant health university center in Subsaharan Africa. To the inauguration will attend local authorities, chaired by the Health Minister of Ethiopia, scientific authorities, representative of international scientific academies and private donors.

The University Hospital –located in the Ethiopian Catholic University St. Thomas Aquinas– has cost more than one million of euros, has1.225 square metres –805 for the hospital an 420 for the school– and will have a medical of 58 healthcare professionals from Ethiopia. The inauguration is possible after four years of work.

Both the hospital and the school have the objetive to train maternal and infant healthcare professionals (ginecologist, pediatricians, midwives, neonatologist nurses, etc) in order to reduce the high mortality of mothers and children in Africa. The building and equipment of the center have been possible thanks to the support of all the national and international Perinatal Medicine scientific societies and numerous private foundation as: Ordesa Foundation, Barceló Foundation, Jesus Serra Foundation, Dexeus Foundation, Academia Ciencias Médicas Foundation, Probitas Foundation, Amade Foundation, Rotary Internacional, World Association of Perinatal Medicine, Catalan Society of Gynecology and Obstetric and Gesbio.

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